May the farce be with you

And who knows, but maybe a lot of NFTs are created as simply and simplistically as this example, then sold on the NFT market for hoped-for buckets of money to gullible investors. And “there is a sucker born every minute”, a phrase P.T. Barnum reportedly coined. Evidence says Barnum didn’t originate that line, but that’s not the point here, anyway.

Should we assume that the tête-à-tête going on in the background of panel 3 is some interpreted reimagining (for visual effect) of a phone call between the “Professor” and Diana? Or perhaps it represents a future contact between these two friends that Bee Sharp is playing in his head as he looks at a bunch of pictures, and trying to determine if he’ll make enough money to buy an island he can call his own? The fact that the two figures in the background are in silhouette while the real Bee Sharp is in the foreground makes it clear (as mud) that they are avatars of some recent or future communication. But, I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop, because there has to be a point to this week-long detour, other than farce for the sake of farce.

Oh, I do like the way that Rivera distinguished the plural form of “NFTS” in Diana’s dialog by bolding only the letters N-F-T. The word would normally be written as NFTs, except that full caps are always used in the strip; hence the bold font formatting. Okay, so you noticed that, too. I still like the effort.