Better cryptids than crypto currency!

Well, be careful what you wish for, I reckon. I wondered if we’d get more of Rusty, and here he is. That must be Ian in the middle, who balances the composition of the panel and the sleepover arrangements.

Aside from a comics syndicate that scrimps on proofreading, we have another “here’s looking at you” member of the animal kingdom checking in. I suppose this episode falls under the category of story padding, as it would be more interesting if this sequence had anything to do with the main event, whatever that turns out to be.  This certainly does not look like it will lead to anything more than three kids staying up until 3 AM. On the other hand, a little bit of home life is one of the things we were just starting to get during James Allen’s tenure, so it’s good to see that continue under Rivera.  And let’s face it:  This Rusty is not the clueless sheltered kid we have endured for so many decades.