All I want is the truth. Just gimme some truth.

What’s with this habit of Mark Trail always using Sharp’s full name? Can’t Mark Trail just call him “Professor Sharp” or even “Sharp”? Does Jules Rivera think we would forget a character that makes an appearance in the strip at least once every two or three months? It’s not as it is what’s-her-face, that uh, reporter, you know, who is Mark Trail’s rival or something, right? How many times has she been in this strip since Jules Rivera took over? Yes, who could forget . . . her?

Anyway, pretty nice panel 4. Very manga-ish.

So, another dramatic moment arrives. Which way will it go? I hardly think Sharp is going to suddenly agree with Mark and just do a fade. So, he’ll attempt (at least) to expose the Bunco Brothers. Will Mark intervene or be smart and rush his family to safety? Will we see Sharp storm the stage in this Saturday’s strip to call a stop and announce he has a revelation?