The Weekly Recap and Sunday Nature Talk

If you missed the first panel of last Monday’s strip, you missed an interesting visual innuendo. Or not. In any event, if you missed (or skipped) this past week, read on.

Following the usual abrupt ending to a Mark Trail story, we got back to Lost Forest. No sooner did Mark and Cherry escape to the forest for a bit nature appreciation, then we learn that Doc Davis’s vet office was overrun by a multitude of pets suffering a similar rash affliction, but Doc does not know what it is or how they got it. For some reason, he has so far ignored the pets’ owners to see what they might have in common. Instead, he has asked Cherry to come in to help with the paperwork, since he also seems to have no secretary. Furthermore, Mark came charging into the vet practice with some kind of pet (perhaps a pig?) named Sassy, which also seems to be suffering from this rash. One hypothetical I offered is that this may be a result of “collateral damage” from good ol’ boy Honest Ernest, the redneck bug exterminator.

A particularly clever title panel this Sunday! While Mark can be as activist as he wants, I’m cynical enough to believe that this will not happen too often. Mostly, as nobody wants to be hit. I do think most drivers will naturally attempt to swerve, if possible. Some won’t bother. In lightly traveled locations, perhaps it is possible and even relatively safe to follow this advice.

And when did Mark move to England? I notice that the car is pulled over on the left side of the road. That should only happen if you are also driving on the left side of the road. Otherwise, it is extremely dangerous, especially near the top of what appears to be a crest in the road! I don’t think creating an even bigger traffic hazard is the right solution.