Mark displays his talent for compartmentalizing

Well, sure. Mark has to go back to work. Is that any reason for Mark to look like he just got caught staring at Ellis’s teenage daughter? Be warned, readers, I have a few more questionable observations! 

Isn’t it time for Rivera to stop with the animal-stares-at-reader parody? Sure, it was a cute take for a while on the traditional Mark Trail habit of putting animals in the foreground of its panels. But the parody has worn itself out and now it just seems trite. Rivera: Please return to the tradition or try something new.

Second, I do like the way Rivera portrayed Ellis as a tilted and flattened image underscoring its smartphone source.

Finally, I think we might be seeing some story padding (mattress stuffing) already. It adds next to nothing to the story, itself, other than to keep reiterating Mark’s already-depicted feelings and conflicts. Sure, it’s okay to have a bit of polite catch-up, but it’s time to move on.