Game Warden Mark!?

What kind of assignment is this, anyway? Is it even legal to own your own elephant? Apparently, some states do allow ownership of exotic animals if they are not endangered. But what is the story angle:  1) The dangers and liabilities of private ownership of exotic animals? 2) How long it takes the feds to track down and contain a rampaging elephant in the US? Maybe Mark would be tasked as a journalist ride-along for a group of game wardens.

Could this be one of the animals that broke out from that derailed circus train several years back (cf Feb 2018, during Allen’s tenure) but was never caught? Naw…!

Seems to me that, by the time Mark makes his way to wherever this elephant has been or is, the elephant will already have been caught or killed, and it would be on the evening news. Or Instagram. However, we have to wait and see what Bill Ellis has behind Door Number Two.