A hunk-a, hunk-a burnin’ hottie?

Is Mark trying to not slobber in panel 1? Anyway, this will teach me to not overlook the source of any comment! Rex Scorpius looks like another arrogant so-and-so, another Professor Bee Sharp. I hope they aren’t cousins!  And he is an animal wrangler, says Amy. It seems they are the people involved in training and handling animals of all kinds used in films, commercials, videos, etc.  

If this guy is the real deal, it could mean that Mark’s job might be limited to just reporting on what Rex does to resolve the roadside zoo problem. That should improve Mark’s self-respect. If this was a drop-dead serious dramatic strip, we might expect Scorpius to provide training and support to the roadside zoo staff in order to improve the lives of the animals. But we already know that this is not the old Mark Trail. Craziness awaits. But craziness with a serious message.