Return of the Crazies!

Hey, Jules: Let’s dump the panel-one recap of the prior day. Your readers are not that slow. Moving on, this dialog sounds like something you’d hear on any number of forgettable “reality” shows”, though I’d hate to know which one. It seems (more an extrapolation on my part) that Mark is supposed to be doing this project (as implied in panel 2) as an undercover operative. Just how that would happen while “famous” Rex Scorpius tags along is something I’m anxious to see.

Perhaps Rex is eye candy to distract Tess Tigress long enough for Mark to do whatever it is he is supposed to do. So why is Tess wearing a tacky crown with horns that look like crescent moons? Gosh, it would be nice if Amy Lee actually laid out the purpose and goals of this assignment, don’t you think?

But why is Mark acting so worried in panel 4? He’s supposed to be a nature/animal journalist, correct? He’s been around the animal block a time or two. Is Rivera once again dumping on Mark’s traditional masculine persona? If so, she already made that train leave the station about two years ago. Time for you to move on as well, Jules!