No more goose jokes, please!

Well, I’ll stop doing them. I see the team got the geese contained. And Mark stayed out of it, thank goodness. But did they move the geese to another yard, first? If not, how does this help the keytarist? I presume the geese are still honking. In fact, they’re probably honking a lot more! I’m surprised Jimmy Songbird, the keytarist, isn’t taking advantage of the situation by working on a way to incorporate the goose honks into a song. I remember the old Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass song (Tijuanna Taxi) with a taxi klaxon that sounds something like a goose. 

Story-wise, I suppose Rivera has to establish Rex’s bona fides as a true video animal wrangler star. I don’t necessarily see any signs of his supposed depression, so that clearly isn’t the point here. Maybe Mark will get inspired to start his own video gig to enhance his visibility and earn some extra cash.