Annnnnnd . . . . . that’s a wrap.

One would think that, after getting dressed down by Diana, Mark would have at least ditched the stupid hat and neckerchief so he wouldn’t look like a dorky tourist. But why does Rivera portray Mark as a clueless goober once again? He played the clueless old dude in his Land Shrimp adventure. Clearly, Rex is not impressed with Mark, while Rivera once again indulges in one of those “cute” puns she likes to use. “Came for the brush”?

As for locking down the geese, Mark seems easily impressed.

Otherwise, we’re seeing no chemistry yet between Mark and Rex. I reckon that is going to be part of the evolving plot. At a crucial point, they will have to depend on each other, right? Alas, things should really go swell at the roadside zoo.