Nice roadside zoo you got here. Be a shame if something were to happen to it.

Mark continues to play the rube. He acts surprised they arrived at the very place they were driving to. Why?

Diana’s role seems to be increasingly limited to playing “the sarcastic sidekick.” However, I can certainly see why Diana has some concerns about Rex, as he looks smitten with Tess. Okay, then. We’ll let this little show play out some more to see how much of this play-acting is really just acting.

That is, will Mark eventually (as in “the nick of time”) shed his Gomer personality and get serious? Will Diana be ready to unlimber her concealed Glock?

Finally, a few remarks on the art. Overall, it is of a consistently decent quality (in spite of the fact that it does not look like Elrod’s old-school art. Panel 3 is curious: Diana’s pose as she approaches Tess is really well done, with a display of relaxed counterpoint that we don’t see so much. On the other hand, Mark’s expression in panel 3 looks like some old geezer who got asked a science question.