I’ve seen more sophisticated mini-golf courses

Mark discovers a flaw in this supposed covert plan when he realizes he should have gotten briefed on how to use a video cam, first. Or perhaps my own off-the-cuff hypothesis is shedding its few layers of plausibility, and all of this is really just ad-hoc chaos. But if that is the case, it seems unnecessarily foolish. We know that Daggers deliberately asked Mark to help her save (rescue) Rex. Why would she deliberately do something dumb that puts Mark into an untenable situation?
On the other hand, Tuesday’s strip ended with a decent-enough pun. But moving on . . . .

Seems to me if Mr. Know-It-All Mark Trail knows the separation age for tiger cubs, he should also be able to tell their age. Call me befuddled, but I’m not sure how Mark suddenly became multi-tasking when a few “moments” ago, he wasn’t even sure how to turn the video camera on.

I suppose that the raised eyebrow stare Mark displays in panel 4 is only supposed to provide us a symbolic confirmation of Mark’s sly plan, and we should not assume it is an actual expression, as it would be something that Tess Tigress could easily see. She might then respond “Mark! Are you trying to imitate Jack Nicholson? Ming the Merciless? Or are you planning something sneaky?

Well, I can’t say I’m impressed with the layout of this place so far. Looks amateurish. A fair clue this place could be a scam.