That toad is not the only horny thing around here!

Now hooooold on there, Baba Looey. . . I mean Mark! Tess might be doing something wrong in the way she runs her Tiger Touch Center, but making eyes at Rex is just biology in action. Same for Rex. Aside from Tess, the only other person doing something wrong is squishy Mark, who so far refuses to film the cubs, undermining why he is there.

Diana Daggers may be giving Mark a story about this place being a covert cult and it could turn out to really be a case of jealousy. It’s possible that Diana may still be recovering from Professor Bee Sharp’s stinging betrayal and fixated on Rex on the rebound. Based on her surreptitious photographing of Mark’s abs while on their boat during the zebra mussel adventure, it’s not too big a stretch to see that she could be interested in Rex. Even Tess has noticed some of Rex’s physical attributes.