And just what are your qualifications, Tess?

As far as story development, shouldn’t Rivera have the characters at least look into this organization for such basics as certifications, training, licensing, etc.? At the least, Rex should be asking Tess these questions on camera, rather than reacting like she just put her hand somewhere else.

Just like the old Mark Trail, Rebooted Mark also fails to capture (on video or camera) current action and dialog. At least Peter Parker thought enough to set his camera on auto to capture images of his fights with Doctor Octopus and the Green Goblin! Time to step in and take charge, Mark, since Rex is too smitten. Roll film!

In today’s installment, Mark continues to just stand around (on what looks like a Christmas Tree railroad track), instead of filming the “therapy session”, as Tess suggested. Way to (not) go, Mark! This will truly be some kind of documentary.

And apparently, today’s strip is an “edited” view of the actual therapy session, since Rex does not mention his dog. If only we had complete video footage to look at …! Mark? Mark?