Things are not always so black & white. Except, when they are!

As some of you know, the Comics Kingdom site went down last night (I stayed up late, hoping it would come back up). It was still down when I returned from class today, so I took a photo from the morning paper to use, instead. But as I was writing this post, the CK site came back on, so I also posted the color version. They provide an interesting visual comparison. You can tell how much Rivera is tied to working online in color, due to the lack of hatching or other B&W modeling techniques done in ink. This is not a criticism, just an observation.

Also, this is the third week running for Mark’s story, rather than returning to Cherry’s adventure after two weeks, which has been Rivera’s common pacing.

Anyway, I’m wondering if this strip is taking hints from Gilligan’s Island, where whatever is needed (or worn) conveniently shows up in somebody’s hut? Where did this roomy caravanserai come from? Where did Mark’s laptop come from? Okay, maybe it came from the vehicle they drove in. But if so, why is Mark zooming Diana? Isn’t she waiting out in the car? Wouldn’t Mark have seen her when he went to get his equipment? Or did Diana walk all the way back to camp? Or did she take the car? If so, when did Mark get all this equipment? So many questions and so few answers!