As if Rex is just going to suddenly live in a cave…

Rather stiff, awkward drawing today. When we look at the banner of this blog site (while admitting that it is a bit stretched to fit the screen), it might be jarring to realize that it was also drawn by Rivera.

Speaking of awkward, this story has reached an uncomfortable fork in the road. It seemed to me a bit earlier that Diana must be emotionally invested in Rex, based on her subterfuge in getting Mark involved. But her advice today (from wherever the hell she is) suggests otherwise, and that she knows Rex about as well as Mark does, which is not much. Doesn’t she know anything about her boss? And what if Rex is right and they are wrong? How do they know at this point?

So, what is Diana’s motivation, other than keeping Rex’s streaming show going in order to keep her job? Is that all there is to this assignment?