Violet drops the other shoe, on her own foot

I reckon the chipmunk is saying “Hey! How about me!?” In any event, seems like this volatile tête-à-tête has accidentally caused Violet to reveal her heretofore private relationship, after all. For a business owner who depends on good customer service and references, Cherry does seem to go out of her way to offend them. Then again, we have not really seen more than two or three customers over the past two years, with most of her business hired out to the Violet Cheshire’s Sunny Soleil Society. Clearly, they have a strange relationship.

Perhaps with Violet’s non-confession confession of her affair, Cherry will pull herself together long enough to use it as a lever against Violet. Wait, we went over this yesterday.  There are three more days to go to hash this out, so it will be interesting to see if something gets done. After that, it’s back to Mark’s story. And after Cherry’s story gets resolved, let’s hope she breaks free of Violet and her Society and finds some new customers and opponents. Why not cook up another story with the Black Rose Garden Club? I think there is enough personality there for at least another adventure or two.