Rule #3:  Don’t get involved with the hired help.

Honestly, I try to approach this strip with an open mind and some optimistic support along the way. But sometimes something like today’s strip comes along and leaves me dumbfounded. Not only is the art subpar today, but the plot development (I know that’s a stretch) reminds me of a bad movie parody or maybe just a parody of itself.

I had originally planned to discuss Violet’s possessiveness over the fruit basket gift, in spite of her row with Cherry. That all got left back at the station with today’s strip. Well, if Caroline has not yet left Ernest, I have a feeling that her departure will occur pretty soon. Who knows, maybe she’ll be the next person to show up at Violet’s house. Probably not a big loss, as her character has been superficial and unimportant, unlike Honest Ernest.

At the very least, Jules Rivera shows no fear in adding twists (or insanity) to an otherwise linear storyline. And Cherry must feel like a batter in the big leagues, getting thrown one curve ball after another.