The Week in Review and the Sunday Nature Chat

Having seriously pissed off Rex the week before, Mark spent this week actually doing what he was supposed to be doing: something akin to investigative reporting.  Mark found a compliant employee (actually, the only one who seemed to be present and working) who couldn’t stop talking about his concerns over the operation. You could almost see Mark’s blood pressure rising with anticipation of a Big Story. While repeating the Peeping Tom routine that he used when scoping out Rex in his trailer back at the wild geese roundup, Mark tried to see what was in a mysterious trailer, only to be interrupted by the return of Rex and Tessie from their private walk. Taking advantage of their inability or lack of desire to see what is in front of them, Mark ran away to hide.

Will Mark’s adventure continue for a third week, as it did the last segment, or break for Cherry’s story? We’ll have to wait and see. But you don’t have to wait to view today’s Sunday nature talk!

Well, that is an interesting nature anecdote. And once again, Rivera tries to focus her animal spotlights on creatures found in the location of Mark’s current adventure. The tree title in panel 1 is just crazy. But wait:  There’s more!

I discovered there is a rock group from Austin, Texas called The Ghost Wolves, whose members are Jonny and Carley Wolf. They related in some unspecified way. Not sure that “Wolf” is even their legal last name. But their website claims Carley grew up on a Texas ranch among hybrid wolves. A lot of connections going on there.