Mark and Cherry take a little down-time

Rivera slows the story tempo as Cherry and Mark step away from their plotlines to catch up with each other. But are we transitioning to Cherry’s story or is this just a continuation of Mark’s? It’s an interesting plot device.

Rivera has once again intertwined Mark and Cherry’s separate story lines, a technique she has used before, though this time. As we sometimes saw in the vintage Mark Trail strip, Rivera also has no fear of slicing and dicing time:  Mark was last seen running away. Cherry was last seen having a heated moment with Violet and Ernest. We will find out what happened in each case?

(It’s nice to see how much more comfortable Rivera is working in larger panels.)

One final note:  I’m suddenly struck by how Cherry’s expression mimics Jules Rivera in panel 2.  To a degree, anyway. I don’t have an exact match available, but you can “google” her face. Perhaps Rivera employs the traditional artist’s technique of using a mirror to model expressions using her own face.