Wait, guys. I have to, uh, make a pit stop!

And I thought for sure that the prior time Mark had a 3-week run was a fluke, as the tradition has been 2 weeks of Mark to every 1 week of Cherry. So why the change to three weeks? Inflation?

In any event, some time has passed and yet another odd twist to the story appears. The Tiger Truth Ceremony, is it? I have a pretty good idea where this is going. But I’m surprised the retaining walls here are so low. Certainly tigers can jump those heights with ease. In fact, all reports I’ve found state tigers can jump heights greater than ten feet.

But poor Rex. He’s hooked on a woman—without qualification—who yet insists he satisfies her own qualification test with some kind of Neolithic “Survivor” ceremony to see if he is worthy. Unless this is a scam, of course. I wonder how Diana Daggers is taking all of this? As I projected several weeks ago, she has become less of a meaningful character/opponent and more of a scene conductor, somebody to just help Mark get from one phase of the story to the next.