Caroline for the Prosecution

Both Mark and Cherry get dragged into affairs not of their making or concern. At least, Cherry seems more reluctant to interfere, even if she gets the third degree which causes her to blurt out a confession. But it isn’t clear why Caroline would think Cherry had inside information about Ernest’s buying habits or his delivery choices. I mean, where is she during the day, anyway? Does she just luxuriate at the SSS HQ?

The drawing today—for the most part—is really pretty good; especially panels 3 and 4. Cherry’s pose and foreshortened arm in panel 3 is just great. And the differences in the pose and attitude of Caroline in panels 1 and 4 are so self-explanatory that they almost need no dialog to work.

But Rivera sometimes get carried away with textboxes; the one in panel 4 is unnecessary and crowds the scene. I suppose you can make a case about panel 1, which seems to have been inserted so Rivera could indulge in some arbitrary alliteration.

By the way, Joseph Nebus has a new “catching up” column on Mark Trail: