The Week in Review and the Sunday Nature Chat

This week either brought about either the beginning of the end of Cherry’s Rash Decisions adventure or a significant turning point. Honest Ernest’s wife, Caroline, confronted Cherry about hubby’s apparent interest in another female, based on her finding a florist shop receipt stupidly left at home by Ernest. Cherry was able to convince Caroline that she had no interest whatsoever in Ernest, but under pressure, let slip that he was making time with Violet Cheshire. Cherry suggested that Caroline take all of Ernest’s Lawn Libation and dispose of it (safely), as partial payment for Ernie’s indiscretions. This should also, at least, cut back on the possibility of additional injuries to pets and wild animals, which is Cherry’s main goal. What is unknown here is exactly how Caroline wound up driving Ernest’s work truck with all of his chemicals inside. Where is he, anyway?

What better way to celebrate the coming of Winter than with a PSA designed for summer smimmers? Okay, so they are wearing wet suits, but I don’t think swimming is at the top of most people’s minds at this time of the year. Unless you live in San Diego.

In a break from her tradition, this is a Sunday topic that has nothing specifically to do with the country of Mark’s current assignment (Texas).  

Am I the only person wondering what that shape is in the next-to-last panel, the one in the mustard-colored semi-circle?