Or is this Jaws XXIV?

Is Mark wearing some kind of inflated suit? It sure looks big and stiff. Okay, I suppose Mark sometimes does seem like a Gilligan (as faithful reader Daniel commented), but as for today, he is going all “Robin” on those alligators. But “holy sea cow”!? Not even close, Mark! The original Steller’s sea cow was discovered and hunted to extinction in the 18th century. Nowadays, “sea cow” is often used as a nickname for manatees, who are herbivores. Anyway, Mark should have yelled out something more appropriate, such as “Holy swimming luggage!”, so that the kids could at least have responded “Huh?

The gators certainly look threatening, like a swarm of hungry sharks. Of course, Mark has had some history, at least with the gator’s cousin, the crocodile. Here is one encounter, during his trip to Nepal, hunting the Yeti:

Talk about stiff. Well, at least the figures have some shading. Still . . .

Hoo-boy. I’m worn out just looking at all of the thrashing and krashing. I’m still confused whether the churning waters come from some weather incident or supposedly from the gators, which seems improbable. Mark must indeed be a Gilligan for piloting his boat into this dangerous area, losing control, and krashing. So, will the de-bait team win its bet to file an insurance claim for a lost boat?

What now — does a bassigator suddenly show up and save Mark and his passengers from the very hungry alligators?