Mark? Mark who?

Over the past few days, I’ve noticed that not much attention has been given to Mark, whereas the campfire crowd talks as if the kids went on this boating trip alone.  It’s like an assumption that Mark is otherwise irrelevant, hapless, or helpless.  A cynic might proclaim that this is just feminist politics intruding into the story.

So, the cove isn’t too far away? Then I repeat: How come the Trails didn’t know about it, already? Is Rivera actually suggesting that this river is far away, yet Jeanette and the other local kids still made it to this launching site? And is this some kind of dead zone for smart phones? I haven’t seen anybody pull one out to try and call Mark or one of the boys. You can’t tell me that nobody on that boat has a phone! Especially the kids.

Well, I hope Duke carries a gun so he can let off a few shots and maybe scare the crocs away.