Mark Trail and the no good, very bad night

I certainly don’t wish to kvetch too much, but maybe I will. Why pad the story line with unnecessary repetition, such as this rehash of yesterday’s strip? It isn’t as if this is that new adventure comic strip, “Mara Llave: Keeper of Time”, which only posts new strips every few weeks. I think Rivera should be able to depend on readers to remember what happened the day before! Surely, Rivera could have added some new story content to fill out the week (for example, Mark avoids a gator’s bite by kicking it in the snout. Uh, wait. Mark can’t do that, right? It would go against his ethics and mission, perhaps.) Anyway, I reckon we’ll see the rescue party show up in time on Saturday.

Moving on to the drawing, this segment of the story reminds me a bit of old comic book adventures of the ‘40s and ‘50s, at least in the melodrama and some of the exaggerated drawing. Mark’s arms in panel 4 look as if they had been run over by the boat, itself. But the shifting viewpoint in every panel does help reinforce the action and dynamics of the unfolding crisis.