Another failed cryptid search?

Rivera has an interesting way of drawing water that seems to be animated enough to qualify as a living thing. Kind of. Still interesting, though I think it will lose a lot of its exuberance when it is printed in b&w in the paper. But, what’s this “lost” business? They’re on a river! Unless there are lots of channels coming through, the river goes one way or the other. Unfortunately, it looks as if Rusty is once again going to come up empty in his cryptid searches. But there is still a bit of time for something to happen.

Again, how can they be lost or have this part of the river not known? It’s part of the waterway that runs by Lost Forest. Mark was plowing through these waters in the Zebra Mussels adventure. Mark should at least know which direction he was going. So why isn’t there a search light or running lights? Somebody might think that the de-bait team wants dark boats to make special pickups or drop-offs.