Did somebody forget to drop anchor?

As Duke’s boat seems to be floating away on its own, I’m struck by the portray of Ernie in panel 4, as I’m sure most of you are. I’ll agree ahead of time that his appearance more resembles some kind of Hallowe’en mask than anything else. That is, it doesn’t look “normal”, but very flattened for no apparent reason, whereas the kids behind him look very conventionally drawn, even the smirking face of Robbie. So what’s the deal? Is Ernie’s father Mr. Potato Head?

I think we might also agree that the caption box in panel 4 actually useful and provides new information, without being too obtrusive. Stylistically, I’d like to see Rivera use a different font for the narration boxes.

Anyway, this sure looks like the wrap-up for this adventure. Even Rusty looks like he had a nice time, in spite of not finding his Bassigator (frankly, that always sounded like a fishing lure sold by Ron Popeil).