Mark gives himself a fist pump

I wonder if the bald eagle might be saying “Enough, Mark! You’re not 10 years old!” But that’s not enough to stop Mark from blathering on, repeatedly, about something he wants but doesn’t yet have. This looks like an update to the old maxim, “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.”

Meanwhile, Cherry must keep pretty busy, constantly landscaping the property; perhaps getting some cabin remodeling along the way, as well. Of course, we do have to keep scale and distance in mind. Anyway, here are some lookbacks over the past 2 ½ years:

October 2020
August 2021
February 2022

The earliest shows a good-sized cabin with greenhouse in the back and prominent steps in the front. The middle example shows the greenhouse gone, with some kind of pavement sidewalk. The next example has no steps at all, and a dirt path-cum-driveway. Today’s representation has embedded flagstones. Yeah, I’m being pretty nerdy. So, what’s the point? I don’t know: Is Rivera making changes simply to suit the story? Does she just not worry about it? Or do I need another hobby?