Jadsen suddenly reappears and Mark leaps into . . . action?

Talk about protective coloration, Jadsen should bottle it and sell it. How did he slip by us so easily? He’s literally been out of the strip since last Tuesday, while Cricket Bro (aka Rob Bettancourt), Bee Sharp, and Holly By-Golly (whatever) took up all of the picture space. But suddenly, here he is, a “survivor” of a collapsing trailside.

Methinks this is suspicious. Could this so-called “accident” be a trap-gone-wrong, set up by Jadsen (and maybe Rob) to get rid of Bee Sharp? If true, it could provide some complex plots and character development. We have not seen any complex plotting here. To be fair, this is just a comic strip, not a novel. Elaborate plotting would likely not hold the interest of readers who expect to see jokes or direct action; not read Neal Stephenson. I doubt that even the pre-Allen Mark Trail stories would be popular today, except to Trailheads. Otherwise, KFS could save a pile of money by just reprinting them, the same way we see other legacy comics in perpetual reruns. Good grief!

Yelling at two injured people is not exactly leaping into action, as far as I’m concerned. Of course, Jadsen is completely useless as he always has been. Not even a good comic foil. At least Holly had the wherewithal to run for help. I’m sure curious what Mark will do, since he has no rescue equipment on hand. I’m not sure he has any rescue training, either. Maybe he knows some emergency first aid? I’ve done enough guessing, so I’ll just wait to see what Mark does.