Why Trail comforts

“Never is heard, a discouraging word, and the skies are not cloudy all day…” Appreciate the look on Mark’s face.  The Calm, the Equanimity.  The knowledge that life is good.  Roles are distinct.  “I live by my own code and always come out on top.  I can play in the woods or the city, it doesn’t matter. I am Trail…”  Check out the Hat (and the pose) on the lady in the background.  Clearly they are on Madison or Park Avenue!


OK back to the story… Editor Bill Ellis has another favor to ask of Mark… And by the way, is Trail on salary here, or does he get paid by the story?  Oh that’s right, it doesn’t matter.  He married into the Lost Forest Empire, complete with swanky log cabin and a bottomless cup of coffee!  Shelley, with an ‘ey’ on the end, a girl who after years of shacking up with the wealthy benefactor, who finally made an honest girl out of her,  (sound familiar Mark? How long had you been stringing Cherry along before you made a commitment to her?) now wants to “fix” her and cure her of the misguided notion that the Great Outdoors is ‘icky.’