Then what IS for you, Shelley?

“Oh, I don’t know…  Lying about, being served on hand and foot, just like dear old mum taught me…” We never think about accents that the characters might bring… or possible back stories… what if Shelley is ROYALTY, and against her parents’ best wishes, the LORD and LADY KUMQUAT, she married this AMERICAN SELF MADE MAN… <<gasp…>> who makes her do all these things against her will?  While I appreciate the need to move the “story” along, I think her patience level is ridiculously short… or maybe that indeed is the point, and the plot resolution will be her coming around to the fact that life in the great out-of-doors is actually noble and good… <<yawn>> really?  Where are the bad guys, the smuggling ring, the kidnappers when you really need them??


The hapless, defeated look on Wesley’s face in panel three says it all… “What was I thinking when…??”

Mark in the background, cap on his head, exhibiting perfect form… so I guess it WAS him carrying the bags and fishing poles yesterday.  Stay tuned… tomorrow… Enter the Grizzly??