Oh Bless you Wesley!

The product of good schooling!  And relentless nagging by mother and school marm!  Using the objective form of the pronoun and a avoiding the classic blunder of thinking one should use ‘I’ instead of “me.”  My heart sings!  Nouveau Riche and refined.  Would we expect nothing less…  That he so willingly is in on the “take pictures of sheep” excuse is funny.  Really?  Mark? Like you don’t have enough pictures of wildlife?  But here’s a challenge for the writers of Mark Trail- Create a story line that involves neither fishing nor cameras.  I dare you to try!


Meanwhile in the third panel, Shelley, hand raised, is casting her vote to stay behind with Cherry…  I am sorry- was this subject to a vote? Do we care what whiny noise comes out of your mouth next?    But where will the attention stay? On Mark and Wesley as they fly off, or on the ladies, who will dish dirt on their respective life partners??? Oh boy, this should be interesting…