Hey Mark! Nice Wheels!

OK, where did this vehicle come from?  Not the International Harvester Travel-All that we are accustomed to seeing Mark pilot… but rather a snappy (and it appears relatively new) Jeep CJ with the top off and seats with headrests!!  I have never seen a white one in my life, though, and what’s with the green sky in the background??  Need to have a word with the color team!  And it looks like the Jeep agrees (!) declaring that “we’ll get some pictures of them playing on the banks!”


Yes, Mark, that’s right, Otters ARE “carefree little creatures…” Until of course we discover that they are missing!  Didn’t show for their curtain call?!? What nerve!  Don’t they realize that we are on a timetable here, that part of the bargain with respect to living in the Trailverse is to appear and perform on command?  Even for the misshapen little ward with the camera??  Love the cowlick on top of Rusty’s head… doesn’t it just make you want to squeeze him??