Oh, and you would know how??

What secret powers does Trail possess that he can tell, in an instant, that this is a queen, a “mother otter?”  I am so glad to be living in a palette of blues and greens (compared to Hell on earth at Lake Rhododendron) that I almost gave this a pass… but what, pray tell, is the tip-off??  Their eyes locked and in a moment they felt the connection that has been man-otter over the millennia… communicating in a way that make words obsolete, the Queen shared her deepest most inner thoughts with Trail… “Thank you kind sir, but what of my little one? We can’t leave the pup behind…”


And by the way, Rusty, the customary gesture to declare the presence of something off in the distance is the “finger point,” not the “hand wave…” or do you expect the pup to wave back??

And just in case you are wondering, cutebabyotters.com exists…