Mark seems surprised…

…to find a cabin on the grounds…  And of course it’s “Ol’ Eddie…” not Ed, not Edward.  An’ Ol’ Eddie has been known to do a little (not a lot, mind you) poachin’ an’-a fishin’ an’-a drinkin’ an’-a who knows WHAT all-else… a little meth-cookin’ perhaps?!?


Watching the Trail-brain work is fascinating, though, as he picks up on visual clues and links them together to deduce that “someone must be here!”  Uh, no, Mark, let’s not be so hasty in our conclusions…  could be that the owner of said truck might be AWAY?  But, cupping his hands to create a megaphone effect (does this really even work, does this just give the reader a visual clue that Mark is calling out rather than vocalizing another private thought?) Mark calls out to make sure that whoever is in there, armed and dangerous, is fully aware that he has a visitor!