Oh Frankie, you don’t mess with the Trail!!

Jean Claude Van Damme got nothin’ on you, Mark Trail!!  Nice crab-kick!  Even with those skinny little legs, with body temp hovering in the hypothermic range, you take him out with one blow!  Now this is the Trail I have been missing- no tackling, no more “it’s just us against nature,” but rather two baddies that need to be brought down the old way- with a swift punch or kick!


Love Jason Smith in the first frame- arms held “up” but not really…  more like “whatever, I’ve been held at gun point before, I am a newspaperman, remember??”

All right!! This just in (2/22/2014)  I stumbled upon this strip from 1999!  Look familiar??



Replace a Reporter with a Game Warden, and voila!  Reprise, right down to the kick, the flying gun and hat, the shirt collar, and the look of surprise!!

Who says you can’t go home again!!