That’s right Mark- Distance yourself, now…

Poor Rusty…  pouring out his soul over the imminent release of Oscar the baby Otter… and Mark is as obtuse and uncaring as ever.  Did he even hear the lad?  “Mark I am very sad right now…” “Huh?  Did you say something Rusty?  Just keep paddling.”  And why do they have to paddle to the drop zone when in every other scene of the story they could drive themselves to the stream?  To make the long good-bye even longer and the separation more painful, apparently.  Oh, Mark, you are indeed the cruel one!


And…. TIME!  We started this little story arc on June 4th and here it is august 9th.   A little over two months and Mark was barely gone from Lost Forest, just enough time to “do a little hunting” and get stuffed in the meat Locker… No doubt the next story will have him separated from the clan he finds so unfulfilling… Editor Bill Ellis- Where are you???