Draaaaagin’ it Out…

The writers of this strip must really hate Rusty…  I mean, we could have spent more than two days witnessing the downfall of Big Mike, maybe even have Big Mike return a punch or something… but now we are on day what (?) of watching Rusty realize that he can’t keep the otter and now saying good-bye???  And “I love you???”  Yikes, this is painful.


He sure is keeping the brave face going, isn’t he?  Oscar’s not looking all that happy to be “home,” though.  Like I said before, he is still on the teat, and well, that‘s going to make things a little hard on him as he walks and swims and frolics his way to starvation…  “Take care of yourself,” “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do,”  “Don’t take any wooden nickels,”  “Watch where you step,”  “Don’t forget to write…”