Yes, This is All Very Interesting…

…but when do we start gutting and frying up the fish?  I am hungry!  Actually, I am just being kind.  Interest and fascination with dinosaurs sort of hit the peak a couple of decades ago… hey, Elrod- the 90’s are calling and they want their plot line back! Ha!!  It’s twenty-freakin’-thirteen, and I think we DO know what killed off the dinosaurs and made way for mammals…  no doubt the next plot “twist” will be the realization that they are linked to present day birds, were warm blooded and may have sported feathers!!



Love that phrase, “ruled the earth.”  By what means?  Biomass? Weapons of Mass Destruction? Without going all green, it takes a certain amount of hubris to make that claim.  Of course we all know the man and dinosaurs walked the earth together… I mean it says so on the internet… Can you believe there’s actually an organization called the “Institute for Creation Research?”  I may be bored to tears by this story line so far, but I am learning so many things!