Had enough… Rusty??

Yup, I have… and so has everyone else, except for Doc, apparently…

But poor Cherry…“That’s great, Rusty! What did you say? All I know is that I am so sick of making the coffee, pouring the coffee, making the coffee, pouring the coffee…”

Lather, Rinse, Repeat…


That’s a fine pan of hot-cross-buns you made there, Cherry.  Mark gazes expectantly upon them, barely able to contain his salivary response… I guess life doesn’t get better than that!!

And talk about shape shifting…  that close up of Doc makes him seem almost, well, human.  Not the lock-jawed marionette we usually see.

PS… it was pointed out to me that the centerpiece on the table is actually a pizza box!  Witness the uneaten slice of pizza on Mark’s Plate!  And they are drinking coffee with pizza!  What the Hell??