I Thought Krakow was a City in Poland??

So glad that Mark hasn’t moved into the future with a four-wheeler/ quad runner.  That would just spoil everything…  riding the range, literally, is suited to him, as is his tendency to verbalize every thought… Did you hear that Mr Elk?  Why are you so frightened??  And is there a true cause effect relationship here:  Frightened out of forest = Trashing other peoples’ property?

And even though we have seen this plot device over and over again, most recently with “Big Mike’s Gang,” there is still comfort to be had in this familiar plot line…  Quick, Mark.  Ride, fast as you can toward the sound of the rifle shot…  it’s what you do best!


And what on earth is this bull Elk up to?  Scratching its back with his prodigious rack?  “Ooh, right there… yea, that’s the spot…” I am surprised that his rear leg isn’t moving in bicycle fashion…