Crouching Lynx, Hidden Bunny Rabbit?

That cat must have real patience… I mean, it’s been lying in wait for a meal for days now, only to have its quarry slip away!

Oh, Dusty!  It’s been a while!  Dusty Rhodes, former WWE Wrestler and commentator, is now on the government payroll?  What an ignominious end!  Of course Ol’ Dusty is an Ol’ Friend of Trail’s… and part of the Aryan Brotherhood that makes up the Forest Service… Seriously.  Is there a spec of diversity in the Trailverse?  Nope.  Unapologetically so, it would seem…


And the air at your Lake Home is as fetid as the air at our Nation’s Capital?  Huh.  Anyway, it’s good that the Senator has his priorities straight- avoiding the vote on a continuing resolution to keep the Government “open for business.”  Strange that the Ranger still showed, given that all non-essential staff is now furloughed indefinitely