Arranged for two elks?

Would that be two elk?  Sort of like deer?  And what? Are they tied off to posts driven into the ground?

Oh Johnny, so grumpy.  What is your problem, really?

I am not a hunter, but isn’t two a bit much?  I mean, these are twelve-hundred-pound animals.  A trophy for each?  Even for Johnny Walker, mounted as a constant reminder of what would no longer be there to kill should the plans to develop the area go through??  I am so confused.

And how many guides and how many hunting parties are there?  “I am putting you and Johnny Walker together…”  “Uh, OK… are there other options?”


Yes, Heaven forbid we should cause these majestic creatures any suffering.  “Aim for the heart, Gentlemen.  Johnny, that’s the part of the anatomy you apparently do not have…”