Ow! that hurts!!

The gun makes that annoying “WHAM” sound.  Really?  Front left leg quivering, Mr Elk is going down.  How do you know that he only wounded the elk, Senator, is your distance vision unimpaired? Or did you recently have the cataract surgery that left you with new lenses and super human sight???  Really, they are not that far of, are they?  Not for a high caliber rifle, with scope…  Maybe I watch too many movies where former special forces snipers line up and take shots from over a mile away?


Trail a guide?  His Job?  Where’s it say that Johnny?  Would it be that your silver spoon upbringing took you on hunts fully flanked by servant huntsmen?  Who would do nothing but praise even the wildest of shots, while covering behind just to make sure you didn’t lose face?

Mark isn’t getting much incriminating dialogue on his phone, though, is he?  Just a bland threat of “exposing something…”  C’mon! let’s move this along!