What is this wistful look you have, Mark?

Yes, maybe it did, Mark.  Maybe it did.  Maybe this technology you are so at odds with did, in fact, deliver.  Did not fail you.

That look on Marks face in panel three is new, but we keep seeing it over and over again.  It’s sad.  It’s tired.  It’s thoughtful.  As in “What the hell am I doing out here?  Why am I always to one to save the great outdoors?  I picked up this Rusty kid hoping that he might pick up the mantle some day, but he hasn’t shown a predilection for anything other than taking bad pictures and getting locked up in houses, cabins and vans…”


Not seriously wounded?  The “Old buck” said with reverence.  Or maybe you should be taking a clue from the soaring raptor above you.  Circling the downed animal in hopes of finding food enough for the flock!!