Yes, Mark. You deserve a couple of days off…

Mark is savoring a bit of overcooked chicken in the crook of his cheek, talking while chewing, and Cherry looks positively medicated (“that shounds nishe…”) And of course what else do the Trails do on “days off” but head back into the woods?!?  But hey, whoa, Doc, Dude.  Mark wasn’t planning on taking anyone WITH him… and now the whole clan is going?  Well, he will have to take Andy with him now… otherwise who would feed the great beast and pick up after him??

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Funny how there is no mention of Rusty… none at all.  Will they be able to make their escape only too have him find Lost Forest abandoned?  I can see the scene when Kevin realizes he is “Home Alone…”  “YES” he screams and proceeds to “own the place.”

So, Doc.  You’ve gotten everything done?  Time to wander off into the forest, get lost and… well… oh I can’t say it… but as death hovers over the Trailverse, as the story of Johnny Walker’s demise makes it’s way into the record books, as no one is even questioned as to foul play being involved, why wouldn’t we just start picking off the deadwood?  I mean really?

Rusty come home!!