Ah, Dr. Wilheit, I presume… I hear you know more about Native Americans than ANYBODY ELSE…  That’s a tall claim, Slim, and one that he no doubt has to defend every time he gathers with the other anthropologists that might know a thing or two about arrowheads and birch canoes…  Speaking of which, since when are birch canoes GREEN?


Well, let’s apply the age-old maxim to value:  It’s only worth what someone else is willing to pay for it…  Is it possible that there is someone out there crazy enough about arrowheads to write you a big fat check?  Or more likely will you have to set up shop on e-Bay and sell things piecemeal?  A dealer perhaps?  But I get ahead of myself.  Where’s the taught possibility of evil in this build up?  I am not feeling it right now…  Old man with collection looking to do good, local journalist looking fill column inches with something other than the usual pap, Mark, Andy, Cherry and Doc lazing down the river in canoes… I am not feeling it.  Not yet.

Is it me, or does this guy look like SOS John Kerry (or maybe his father…)?