Excuse me while I … scrape this skin???

What exactly is Mr Dunlap doing in the first panel?  It’s either that or he’s on some early rustic, prototype version of the Chuck Norris “Total Gym…”  Besides, what does an old man really need after all?  Some seed for the bird feeder, a pair of Jeans, a nice blue, civil war era shirt, a pair of suspenders and a ready supply of adult diapers…  Going to retire?  It looks like you have already crossed that Bridge, my friend… And what was his business anyway?


Note the Strong, White-guy handshake being exhibited in panel three.  “Mr Logan…  Mr. Dunlap…”  Why, Minneapolis’s own recently former Mayor Turned Activist contributed to an op-ed piece yesterday suggesting that the achievement gap could be solved if this maneuver was more prevalent among at-risk youth.  That, and pulling their pants up…

But seriously, folks…  Where’s Rusty?  A brief mention of his “being with a friend,” and not only is that preposterous notion not challenged, but the whole clan takes a powder on him!