Indian Stuff? No, it’s a RELICS COLLECTION…

C’mon Jeff, get it right.  It’s not just STUFF we are talking about here, it’s RELICS.  RELICS is worth money… a lot more than STUFF!!


Can’t be TRACED?  Huh?  Like Money?  Maybe I need to go to bad guy school, but eventually you will need to turn all this STUFF into money, and the market for Indian relics is probably thin at best.  How on earth do you propose to do THAT??  And we will pull this off how?  I can’t wrap my head around this one…  I guess bad guys in the Trail-verse all have a common thread connecting them- that of not being very clever.  So they canoe in, tie up the old man, carefully wrap all the relics, put them in the canoe hanging from the ceiling and quietly float away?  This I have to see.